Saur Sariaty
Cherly Marlina
Dian Nur Hadianti


Background: Adolescents need information about the changes that occur in themselves, but adolescents often feel uncomfortable or taboo discussing sexuality and reproductive health issues with their parents or teachers. One of the steps that can be taken is to provide guidance and counseling that focuses on negative attitudes towards unhealthy sexual behavior by collaborating with peers or peer groups. Peers or peer groups have an influence on the lives of adolescents, including adolescent sexuality. Students do not benefit from the existence of counseling guidance units and youth health programs. So the solution offered is to implement a peer group in both junior high school 15 and junior high school 43 schools in Bandung, which begins with the preparation of IbM activities for conducting training for peergroup leaders and student mentoring. The goal is the formation of peergroup leaders at junior high school 15 and junior high school 43 so as to increase student participation in promoting adolescent reproductive health and increase students' knowledge, attitudes and skills regarding adolescent reproductive health.

Method: IbM activities have been carried out During the process of community service activities, IbM was attended by 8 students in each partner, pre and post tests were carried out for each material and involved 8 students. The next activity is the delivery of material and mentoring to students who are trained to be trained to become peer group leaders.

Results: There is an increase in the knowledge of Partners 1 and 2 about reproductive health Availability of the "Adolescent Reproduction" booklet containing reproductive health as a guide in providing counseling in community service activities


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