Rr Sri Endang Pujiastuti
Dhea Novita


Background: The end of menstrual periods (menopause) is often accompanied by a number of symptoms, such as hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, depression, memory problems and impaired quality of life. Physical exercise with aerobic exercise duration of 30 minutes for 3 or 4 times will have a positive effect on quality of life. All movements in tera gymnastics have the advantage of reducing anxiety, reducing depression and improving sleep quality. Objective: The purpose of this literature review study is to find out specifically the effect of Low Impact Aerobics on the menopausal women. Method: This type of research is the study of literature. Researchers conducted a journal search through the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia, Ebsco and Google Scholar using keywords the effect of low impact aerobics on menopausal women. The literature used is published literature from 2012 to 2022. Results: The results of the analysis of this literature study show that the Senorita Gymnastics (Low Impact Aerobics and Tera Gymnastics) the highest respondent characteristics in this study were the number of children <4 as much as 82.1%. Married majority of married status is 78.6%. The level of education in both groups was more low-educated at 57.1%. For employment status, more did not work at 62.5%. Quality of life has changed the most from the physical domain followed by the psychological domain to the social and environmental domain. Conclusion: There are Effects of Low Impact Aerobics on Menopausal Women.


1. Of several characteristics the highest respondent in study this is amount children <4, followed by marital status the majority who are married , level education low and work status no work .
2. Analysis result literature review or studies literature this show that Low Impact Aerobics is proven significant capable increase quality life menopausal women .

1. Public health center
Expected study studies literature this could Becomes input for Public health center in doing management elderly gymnastics activities to be modified with add movement Low Impact Aerobics for increase quality life menopausal women .
2. Educational Institution
Expected study studies literature this could made addition theory and materials reading about influence Low Impact Aerobic Gymnastics on quality life menopausal women .
3. Researcher
As ingredient for add knowledge and insight about the influence of Low Impact Aerobics and need conducted study follow-up in menopausal samples more a lot in society for increase quality life menopausal women become more good .

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