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Introduction: Prediabetes is a condition characterized by blood glucose levels higher than normal values but below blood glucose levels. Diabetes mellitus is a very significant global health problem today, where the prevalence in the three countries is highest in the world, namely Chin==a (48.6 million), the United States (36.8 million), and Indonesia (27.7 million), and collectively equal one third of the prevalence of prediabetes in the world. The potential for using program technology combining interactive mobile computing, remote monitoring, so that the use of digital applications will make it easier to make lifestyle changes for prediabetes by being able to be applied using smartphone devices which are currently used in daily life in the Bandung city area.

Method: this research is experimental research, d The type of research used is Research and Development (R&D) or development research. using the ADDIE model approach by designing an Android-based digital application for lifestyle changes for prediabetes.

Objectives: To obtain a digital application for lifestyle changes in prediabetes in the Bandung City area.

Result:  Analysis of media needs is divided into 5 aspects, namely design, material, language, illustrations and typography used on smartphones. Design of materials used to create software or a software program that can be run via smartphone regarding prediabetes screening. The development received an assessment by material experts of 73% with feasible criteria and by media experts of 77% with very feasible criteria. Implementation showed that the number of respondents who gave a very easy assessment of the Prediabetes application was 73.53%, while the manual instrument was 26.67%. The Prediabetes evaluation showed that all respondents using the Prediabetes application had correct results, while using manual instruments there were still 2.97% who entered incorrectly. that the Prediabetes application has good accuracy and faster filling time.

Conclusion: analysis of the location of letters and images in the middle of the media, software design smartphone screening, Development is suitable for use, Implementation is easy to implement, Evaluation has good accuracy and charging time is faster.


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