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Ida Widiawati
Salwa Athiyyah
Athiyah Fauziyyah


Background: The postpartum period is an important time in maternal care after delivery, where postpartum  often experience physical and emotional discomfort. Back massage has been known as an effective method of relieving muscle tension, increasing blood circulation, and providing relaxation to the body. This systematic review aimis to collect  and analyze studies related to back massage on the comfort of postpartum.

Methods : This study uses a systematic review approach to research results related to the period 2018 to 2023. A literature search was carried out through databases of scientific journals and other reliable sources of information. The JBI critical assessment tool is used to assess the quality of the journal. This means that there are only selected articles that meet the requirements, with details of PubMed: 1, Google Scholar: 3. Garuda 1. Through the screening results of abstracts and full texts of 370 research articles.

Result : There are 2,180 selected journals from seven major database sources, which are classified as follows: PubMed: 354 articles, Science Direct: 540 articles, Garuda 2 articles, and Google Scholar: 11,500 articles based on predetermined keywords.

Conclusion : The results showed that the back massage position provides comfort for postpartum . The JBI critical assessment tool is used to assess the quality of the journal


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