Dini Tazqiroh
Ferina Ferina
Ida Widiawati
Yulia Ulfah Fatimah


Background: The use of birthball is anticipated to give women a positive experience during childbirth, and midwives' role in assisting with emotional and physical support during childbirth will be able to help hasten the labor process and help the mother feel satisfied with the delivery process. Childbirth is acknowledged as a significant event in the lives of many women, despite the effects of pain on this event that are undeniable. One method for assisting mothers in overcoming labor discomfort is birthball.

Methods: This case study's goal is to assist pregnant women who gave birth in April 2022 with psychological support by providing a summary of the use of birthballs to lessen pain and speed up the delivery process. The respondent was Mrs.D aged 28, who was concerned about the pain of childbirth.

Results: The results of this case study are ny. D can use birthball and measurement of pain levels using the Verbal Descriptor scale (VDS) obtained moderate pain results

Conclussion: The client feels more at ease and is less concerned about labor pain after utilizing birthball during one delivery.



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