Comprehensive Midwifery Care for Ny. N With Pranatal Application of Gentle Yoga at Puskesmas Selaawi


Muflicha Mawadda


Introduction: Comprehensive midwifery care is midwifery care that is provided comprehensively from pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, newborn and family planning. The philosophy of midwifery is the belief that every midwife uses in providing midwifery care, facilitating women in achieving positive births during pregnancy until they become mothers.

Objectives: The purpose of the final project report is to provide comprehensive midwifery care starting from pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and newborns with the application of midwifery management and the application of Prenatal Gentle Yoga.

Method: The method used in this final project report is a case study conducted from January to March 2023 in the Selaawi Health Center, Garut Regency. The subject of this case study is Mrs. N pregnant women at 39 weeks of gestation and Baby Mrs. N. The data used are primary and secondary data, taken from the results of the examination and the MCH handbook.

Result: The results of midwifery care with discomfort in the third trimester, namely lower abdominal pain. The results of giving the application of Prenatal Gentle Yoga can help mothers reduce discomfort in the third trimester. In childbirth, mothers experiencing PROM, by giving relaxation techniques, labor can run faster and smoother, so that the baby is born spontaneously, immediately cries and puerperium is normal.

Conclusion: Prenatal Gentle Yoga is highly recommended to overcome discomfort in third trimester pregnant women and expedite the delivery process.


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