Yulinda Yulinda
Joni Rahmat
Viena Viena
Hufad A


Background: Adolescent literacy on reproductive health has a major influence on knowledge, attitudes and behavior of adolescent reproductive health, comprehensive systematic reviews have not been found regarding comprehensive sexuality and reproductive health education. Objectives: This study aims to identify adolescent literacy regarding reproductive health as an effort to prevent STDs.

Methods: This study was conducted through identification of adolescent literacy regarding reproductive health and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases using a questionnaire on adolescents.

Results: The results of interviews with respondents obtained that 69% said they did not know about reproductive health and 40 said they did not know about reproductive health. Questions deepened on sources regarding reproductive health were obtained from 20% of social media, 20% obtained from courses at school, from 2015 BK teachers and parents 1% and 27% not years. Adolescent get reproductive health information from tiktok 20% and only 3% from doctors. Regarding the role of parents in reproductive health literacy, adolescents stated that they were comfortable 27%, uncomfortable 60% and not fully comfortable 13% to discuss reproductive health topics with their parents. Furthermore, it was asked whether the youth considered the need for reproductive health information, 53.5% needed, 13.4% needed, 33.3% felt it was necessary.

Conclusions: Adolescent literacy plays an important role for adolescents so that they can provide a good understanding of health and avoid risky behaviors that have an impact on adolescents including teenage pregnancy, early marriage, STDs. Further research is needed by involving families, health workers and the community to increase public awareness in preparing healthy adolescents.

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