Widi Hastuti
Mimin Aminah
Yenny Moviana
Shilka Amelia
Muna Nur Aeni


Young women are a high-risk group for anemia due to red blood cell loss through menstruation every month. The results of Riskesdas in 2013, the prevalence of anemia in Indonesia was 21,7% with anemia sufferers aged 5-14 years at 26,4%. This causes anemia in young women to become a health problem with a prevalence of > 15%.

This community service activity aims to increase the knowledge and skills of business actors in making snacks that contain protein, namely crispy catfish and red beans to increase protein intake in young women. The snack is made using local ingredients of catfish and red beans to tap into the local potential. The target of the activity is business actors in Cinunuk Village, Bandung Regency. The series of activities includes 3 main stages, namely the preparation stage, the basic data collection stage which includes the collection of knowledge data, and skills. The third stage was carried out training on the practice of making crispy catfish and red beans snack, assistance for business actors in carrying out snack making practices, and ended with the collection of knowledge data, and skills.

This activity can improve the knowledge, and skills of business actors in the practice of making snacks. The average pre-test result is 57.22 and the post-test is 80.03. There was a significant increase in pre and post-test results with a value of p = 0.000 (p≤0.05). The activity was carried out by lecturers of the Department of Nutrition, Bandung Health Polytechnic Ministry of Health assisted by students of the Department of Nutrition..


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