Healthy and Fit Package for Elderly Empowerment of Posbindu Kader in Order to Increase Kader’s Productivity and Elderly Health in Palasari, Ciater , Subang Regency


Nani Kurnaeni
Wiwin Widayani
Ana Sasmita


Background : Elderly problems that occur in Palasari Village are the number of elderly people who are at risk of disease. Elderly who participated in Posbindu were 9.2%, Elderly who did not undergo clean and health living (PHBS ) were 50.6%. In the previous integrated community service activity, the Bandung Ministry of Health Polytechnic Lecturer has conducted new kader training in 7 RW, posbindu activity assistance has been carried out in June-December 2017 as well as the establishment of new Posbindu kader. Continuous efforts are needed to improve the results to be achieved, through empowering Posbindu kader Based on the preliminary study, even though training was held, the Palasari kader said that they still wanted to improve their knowledge and skills about general health and elderly dental health and the productivity of kader such as kader’s product creativity, greening / vegetation planting for family medicine plant (TOGA) around Posbindu area, and mentoring activities Posbindu in order to continue to be carried out continuously and the existence of elderly gymnastic variations. In addition, there are no posbindu infrastructure facilities, either completeness for Posbindu buildings or completeness of health education.
Method : IbW-based community service activities have been held in Palasari Village since 2016. This year is the 3rd year, where activities will be focused on increasing Pre-Elderly and Elderly independence in maintaining their health. By empowering elderly people to stay healthy and independent, by providing counseling and a guide book for healthy and independent lifestyle in maintaining their health
Result and Conclusion: The results of previous studies indicate that the elderly population in the Palasari Village Area is quite high with various health problems that they have. For this reason, it is very necessary for the application of science and technology, especially in the health sector, to help improve health and improve pre-elderly and elderly people in maintaining their health, in Palasari Village. Improvement of preelderly and elderly health status is done through community service comprehensive from the start of the health examination, blood pressure measurement, blood sugar test screening, measurement of height and weight of the counseling body, and the learning process that will be delivered to the preelderly and elderly groups adjusted to the results of the overall health examination and physical assessment by the proposing team consisting of various kinds of health professions including the Department of Nursing, Dental Nursing Midwifery Pharmacy, Health, Nutrition, and Environmental Health Analyst


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