Risna Dewi Yanti
Maya Astuti


Background ; Management to resolve constipation in infants is with exercise and regular physical activity , one of that by baby massage. The purpose of massage is to train the muscles that regulate defecation, improve bowel movements, reduce transit time and help the fases pass through the anus. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of baby massage modification on the frequency of defecation in infants aged 1-6 months.

Methods ; This research is quantitative research with quasi experiment design. The approach used is randomized pre and post test with control group design. Place of this research in Area of ​​Puskesmas Gang Kelor Bogor City. It is planned from February to October 2016. The study sample is babies aged 1-6 months who meet inclusion criteria (n = 33 respondents / groups). Sampling was done by purposive sampling technique. Data was analyzed using t-dependent test and Wilcoxon test to see difference of average of defecation before and after treatment, and t-independent test to know the effect of massage modification to defecation frequency.

Result ; The results showed that there was an increase in the frequency of defecation in the intervention group after a 7-day massage (p <0.005) and there was a significant difference in the frequency of defecation in the intervention group with the control group (p <0.005).

Conclusion ;  there are significant increases and differences in the frequency of defecation in infants who receive a modified massage. Expected massage modification can continue to be given to all infants, especially those have difficulty defecation.


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