Influence of Counseling Using Video of Husbands Role in Supporting a Breastfeeding Programe in Bandung


Djudju Sriwenda
Yulia ulfa
Tatik Kusyanti


Background :Breastfeeding is activity that requires intensive time. Women need various types of support to start and maintain optimal breastfeeding. Husband supports a predisposing factor for exclusive and optimal breastfeeding. Many studies show that husband support is the key to initiating and maintaining breast feeding.

Methods :This study uses quasi-experimental design (quasi-experimental research) with a post test design technique for breast feeding processfor fifteendays.There search consists of 45 spouse sample on treatment groups and 45 spouses on control groups.

Results :The results showed that there was a difference between the treatment group and the control group about the effect of Video Counseling on the Husband's Role in Supporting the Breastfeeding Process with a P value of 0.003

Conclusion :The results showed that there was a difference between the treatment group and the control group about the effect of Video Counseling on the Husband'sRole in Supporting the Breastfeeding Process with a P value of advice to the husband should be given gradually and repeatedly so that the husband has more involvement and more support for the breastfeeding process.Videos can be recommended as a tool for counseling, due to videos that are found to be effective for changing behavior.


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