Farhati Farhati
Sabarinah Prasetyo
Loveria Sekarini
Risna Dewi Yanti
Dian Nur Hadianti
Petriana Ekslesia Mahmud


Introduction: Sexual and reproductive health (SRH) topics are rarely discussed in Islamic communities.

Method: Analysis (PRISMA) approach in selecting articles from previous studies. Research articles were obtained by accessing electronic databases including Pubmed, Springerlink, Google Scholar, published in 2013-2023 using the keywords "Adolescent AND Sexual Health OR Reproductive Health AND Education AND Muslim AND Community"

Objectives: to determine what variables affect Muslim adolescents' access to reproductive health services and education.

Results: The search found 1001 studies, and 15 research articles were selected. Six major themes emerged from the study of sexual and reproductive health (SRH): marital status, socioeconomic factors associated with access to SRH services, privacy and confidentiality in health services, limitations to sexual and reproductive health education and information needs, and lack of knowledge about sources and services of information on SRH

Conclusion: The results show that a number of factors influence Muslim adolescents' reproductive health. Muslim teenagers' lack of knowledge and skills is a complicated problem that is impacted by a number of individual, social, cultural, and religious variables in addition to current laws and policies. These elements all interact and have an impact on one another


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