Wiwin Widayani
Kurniaty Ulfah
Uyu Wahyudin
Mustofa Kamil
Achmad Hufad
Jajat Sudrajat Ardiwinata
Iip Saripah
Viena Rusmiati


Introduction : The preconception period is a very important period to prepare before facing pregnancy so that health during pregnancy is optimal. Many health problems during the preconception period can increase the likelihood of death and morbidity for mother and child. Cadres as a driving force in society who are responsive to health need to have their capacity increased through training activities as preconception care instructors. The aim of this research is to determine the effect of training on increasing cadres' knowledge about preconception care.

Objectives: The aim of this partnership program is to increase the knowledge and skills of cadres and women of childbearing age regarding preconception care.

Method : Community partnership program is a community service activity carried out in region Cimerang Village, Padalarang District. Partner built is 18 cadres and 20 women of childbearing age . This partnership program was implemented in 14activity . Cadre receive training on preconception care and skills material to provide education to women of childbearing age. The Preconception Health Training module is used as media training and education cadre assistance to women of childbearing age . Cadre Which has given training provided assistance aimed at evaluating cadres in their understanding of preconception health which is implemented when providing counseling to women of childbearing age. Evaluation of this activity is by measuring cadres' knowledge before and after training, observing cadres' skills in providing education to women of childbearing age

Result: After training cadres on preconception care care and ways/techniques of providing counseling, a cadres carried out preconception health care counseling activities for women of childbearing age (WUS) to observe and assess the performance of cadres in providing counseling.

The results of the analysis of cadre knowledge before and after training obtained a p value of 0.003 <0.05, meaning that there was a significant difference between cadre knowledge before and after training. The results of observations and performance assessments showed that cadre performance in conducting counseling was quite good.

Conclusion: Training for cadres about preconception health and assistance in providing education can increase cadres' knowledge about preconception care



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