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Sri Wisnu Wardhani


Introduction: Childbirth is a possible physiological process happen series change big on candidates Mother For can give birth to the fetus through road born Back pain lower is one of perceived complaints _ almost all over postpartum mother since pregnancy. In the world, around 80% of postpartum mothers experience painful back lower after normal delivery.

Objectives: Report based proof This aim For know Influence Computer pressure massage to painful back part lower on Mother postpartum in Region Work Public health center Garuda.

Result: Counterpressure massage is applied to Mother give birth and get it results that intensity painful the more reduce compared to with No use counterpressure massage .

Method: Search journal use Say Key , Counterpressure massage, low back pain And E-data based as well obtained from a number of articles found _ in accordance with criteria inclusion and exclusion Then reviewed in a way critical .

Conclusion: Implementation Use counterpressure massage as method nonpharmacological proven effective in reduce painful  back part lower after giving birth , With  giving  Counterpressure massage  can  close gate   message   pain that will   delivered   towards the spinal cord and muscles , besides  That  with  strong pressure at the moment give  technique  the  so  will  activate  endorphin compounds in the synapse  cells  nerve  bone  behind , so    transmission    from    message    painful    can    inhibited and caused decline sensation painful .


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