intan setiawati
Santi Sofiyanti
Diyan Indrayani


Introduction Normal labor process duration varies between 4 to 24 hours since the occurrence of uterine contractions which cause changes in the cervix. Adequate contractions are needed to induce labor to proceed normally. The active phase of the first stage of labor is considered more tiring and painful because uterine activity increases. In this phase, there is often an increase in adrenaline production which has the potential to inhibit contractions and delay the labor process. Nipple stimulation is one method that can be used to increase uterine contractions. This technique can stimulate the formation of natural oxytocin in the mother and channel it to the uterus, thus it increases uterine contractions.

Objectives:  This study aimed to find analyzed the effect of nipple stimulation on the labor progress and implement the best application of nipple stimulation

Method: This EBCR  using the Google Scholar database and PubMed. The articles  were limited to original article and published from 2017-2022. According to the inclusion criteria and exclusion criteria we have found 2 articles met the criteria. The articles  were obtained and critically reviewed using 3 aspects, namely the validity, the importancy, and applicability. 

Result:   in this study the duration of first stage of labor were considered faster after the application of nipple stimulation  long first stage in cases. The first stage was 2 hours faster than the average duration of the first stage , which is 1 hour per 1 cm.

Conclusion: Nipple stimulation is one od the non pharmacological intervention that can be used an an option to increase the contraction during labor. 


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