Nurul chairunisa
Yuni Nurchasanah
Ida Widiawati


Introduction: Pregnancy is a woman's highly anticipated life cycle. After pregnancy, the woman will enter the process of childbirth, postpartum, and intermediate period. This cycles can cause physical and psychological changes that can cause discomfort for women who cannot adapt.

Objectives: The aim of this study was to provide comprehensive care starting from pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and infants.

Method: This Final Project report used a case study method with data collection carried out from March to May 2022 in PMB E, Cibeber District, Cianjur Regency.

Result:  Mrs. E did an USG before giving birth and the result showed that her amniotic water had begun to decrease so she was referred to the hospital for induction. Induction of labor using 5 IU oxytocin drip infused into 500 ml RL at a speed of 20tpm. The delivery process was done in a spontaneous way without complications. At the time of postpartum Mrs. E's legs were swollen and Mrs. E had given formula to her baby in the first week of postnatal. The author carried out care of the problems experienced by the mother, such as counseling for mobilization and the importance of exclusive breastfeeding. This treatment was successful in overcoming the mother's problems and preventing complications.

Conclusion: Comprehensive midwifery care has proven to be beneficial and important to do. Midwives as service providers need to implement and improve this method in the care they do.


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