Aulia Putri Sandy
Rika Resmana
Lola Noviani Fadilah


Introduction: Many nutritional problems are associated with high maternal and child morbidity rates. Maternal health status is a determinant of the quality of future generations, so it is important to improve the nutritional quality of women early on. Pre-marital women are a priority for health improvement because they are in the pre-conception period. This is a crucial period because it will determine the quality of the pregnancy and the welfare of the baby being born. Knowledge as a factor that determines concern for the fulfillment of balanced nutrition. Special efforts through preconception nutrition education for brides and grooms need to be made in order to achieve a healthy family and quality offspring. The purpose of this study was to determine whether there was an increase in knowledge through pre-conceptional nutrition education for women of premarital childbearing age in Garut district.

Objectives: The number of respondents in this study were 30 people selected by purposive sampling method. The data analysis used is the T-dependent statistical test because the data is normally distributed.

Method: This study used a pre-experimental design with one group pre-posttest design. The population in this study were women of childbearing age who had planned a wedding in Garut district.

Result:  The results showed that preconception nutrition education had a significant effect (p value = 0.000) on knowledge with an average increase of 1.77. 

Conclusion: It is recommended that the health office and the ministry of religion organize nutrition education activities for premarital women in preparing for a healthy pregnancy.


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